Paroc Lupaus

The passive house Paroc Lupaus was a one of the houses represented in Valkeakoski Home Fair in Finland. Paroc Lupaus is a distinctive detached house of 234 square meters.

The timber framed building meets the criteria defined by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) for Finnish passive energy houses: its calculated need for heating energy is 23.8 kWh/m2 in a year. Good energy efficiency has been achieved without beating down the living comforts and other wishes.

ECO ventilation heaters of Climecon provide optimized energy efficiency and room-specific adjustment.
The products of the ECO series and room-specific ventilation heating provide an energy efficient, precise, silent, and draftless passive house heating and ventilation with a reasonable cost level. The products of the ECO series naturally meet the heating and ventilation needs of low energy houses as well.

Other products selected for the Climecon object are a stylish and modern supply air device FINO in a central and visible place, as well as the gloss lacquered RETRO, OKI, and SET supply air devices. Well thought out and finished design guarantees secure and high quality result.

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