The streamlined VIVA design diffusers guarantee a finished look in any modern interior. The easily adaptable devices offer high-quality performance and can be used for both supply and exhaust air.


The surface and flush mounted grilles suit both supply and exhaust air and can be mounted in a unified row. Air can be led both into and out of the room from a single row  - without compromising style.

The VIVA grilles represent the peak of truly exceptional, unique and superior design.

Broad range of airflow and a widely adaptive throw-pattern

The grilles offer solutions for a range of use-cases due to their broad range of airflow. The notably wide area of adjustment can play an integral part in a well-balanced ventilation system.

The highly adjustable throw-pattern ensures a high level of adaptivity throughout the entire life-cycle of the grilles. The throw-pattern can be re-adjusted to comply with layout changes and supply air can be directed onto the lounging area of the room even if VIVA was placed in a corner.

Smart solutions increase the versatility of application

VIVA can be connected onto a duct either from behind or from the side of the device. This way ducting can be established in multiple different ways. The structure of channels in many renovation cases won't limit the use of the grilles.
VIVA's  can also be used for under temperature supply air. VIVA's can be used for cooling a space.

Significant reduction of time used in mounting, maintenance and adjustment phases can be achieved with VIVA's extremely easily opened face. The opening mechanism eases the device's usage through it's entire life cycle.

VIVA-S for surface mounting

VIVA-F for flush mounting



VIVA-S-0 grilles for linear mounting

With VIVA-S-0 parts, the diffusers can be placed in a unified row. The VIVA-S-0 is identical to the grilles of VIVA supply and exhaust air diffusers. Both supply and exhaust air diffusers can be visually connected as shown in the illustration above.

Product code




1 = VIVA supply air diffuser, VIVAi exhaust air diffuser
2 = Installation method: Surface-mounted (S), Flush-mounted (F)
3 = Rear connection (1), Back connection (2)
4 = Duct size 100-200 mm

Quick guide

 Air quantities are the same for both surface and flush mounted models.

Supply air

Exhaust air


VIVA-S for surface mounting

VIVA-S-0 Grille for linear installation

VIVA-F for flush mounting

Throw pattern and length

 With the adjustment position fully open, placed 300mm from the ceiling.

Nozzle direction options

Long and straight

Short and wide

Slanted to the left

Throw length

Supply air dimensioning

The graphs are not intended for adjusting. The same values apply for both surface and flush mounted models.

VIVA 100

VIVA 125

VIVA 160

VIVA 200

Exhaust air dimensioning

 The graphs are not intended for adjusting. The same values apply for both surface and flush mounted models.

VIVA 100

VIVA 125

VIVA 160

VIVA 200

Color options


   standard colour

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