HALO-X is a supply air diffuser for coffered ceilings with a front plate where a 600x600 ceiling plate can be embedded. When a ceiling plate is selected to be used as the front plate the diffuser will form a unified entity with the rest of the ceiling.

 HALO-X forms a horizontal spreading pattern that can be directed in to 1, 2, 3, or 4 directions. The device suits a wide range of air flow rates which makes it a good option for a variety of projects.

The diffuser forms a distinctively stylish entity while attached in to the ceiling. HALO-X leaves the appearance finished. With its unique attachment mechanism, no attachment structures are visible from behind the front plate.

Thanks to it's innovative construct HALO-X can either be faded into the ceiling surface or brought out with a contrasting colored plate or an acoustics plate. This offers an interior designer or an architect a lot of possibilities to design the space up to its finest details.

For high-class air distribution

Due to the diffuser's functional structure, a wide-spread throw pattern that does not cause feeling of draught can be achieved. The throw-pattern can be directed in to 1, 2, 3 , or 4 directions.

While using HALO-X and FLO plenum box, the advantages of FLO's highly accurate and sturdy adjustment mechanism can be used.

Multiple options for installation

HALO-X suits coffered ceilings with a 600x600 attachment plate. A smaller collar joint attachment plate can be used when diffuser is placed on an even ceiling.

HALO diffusers also suit exhaust air.  In this case we recommend using FLO plenum box.


  • customizable front plate for finished look
  • horizontal throw-pattern
  • directable throw-pattern
  • for 600x600 coffered ceilings
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Product code




1 = HALO for supply air, HALOi for exhaust air
2 = HALO-X
3 = Duct size 125-315 mm
4 = with a 600x600 mm attachment plate 

HALO-125 = HALO for supply air, for an even ceiling 

Quick guide

Supply air

Exhaust air



 Not intended for adjustment.

Wihtout a plenum box, into four directions

Dimensioning HALO-X + FLO Supply air

 Not intended for adjustment.

HALO-125 + FLO-100-125 Supply air

HALO-125 + FLO-125-125 Supply air

HALO-160 + FLO-100-160 Supply air

HALO-160 + FLO-125-160 Supply air

HALO-160 + FLO-160-160 Supply air

HALO-200 + FLO-125-200 Supply air

HALO-200 + FLO-160-200 Supply air

HALO-200 + FLO-200-200 Supply air

HALO-250 + FLO-160-250 Supply air

HALO-250 + FLO-200-250 Supply air

HALO-250 + FLO-250-250 Supply air

HALO-315 + FLO-200-315 Supply air

HALO-315 + FLO-250-315 Supply air

HALO-315 + FLO-315-315 Supply air

Dimensioning HALO-X + FLO Exhaust air

 Not intended for adjustment.

HALO-X-125 + FLO-100-125 Exhaust air

HALO-X-125 + FLO-125-125 Exhaust air

HALO-X-160 + FLO-100-160 Exhaust air

HALO-X-160 + FLO-125-160 Exhaust air

HALO-X-160 + FLO-160-160 Exhaust air

HALO-X-200 + FLO-125-200 Exhaust air

HALO-X-200 + FLO-160-200 Exhaust air

HALO-X-200 + FLO-200-200 Exhaust air

HALO-X-250 + FLO-160-250 Exhaust air

HALO-X-250 + FLO-200-250 Exhaust air

HALO-X-250 + FLO-250-250 Exhaust air

HALO-X-315 + FLO-200-315 Exhaust air

HALO-X-315 + FLO-250-315 Exhaust air

HALO-X-315 + FLO-315-315 Exhaust air

Throw pattern and length

Throw pattern

Throw length

4 directions

Throwlength data values are measured with isothermal supply air.
Air flow is directed at 4 directions, installed against the ceiling, without a plenum box.
No. of directions          Throw length L0,2                     Sound level dB(A)

Data applies to both HALO and HALO-X.

We recommend using FLO plenum box.