Type approval for LINO and TINO-P smoke dampers

The Finnish Ministry of Environment has issued a stricter decree on the type approval of air terminal devices acting as smoke dampers.

Climecon's LINO and TINO-P are the most stylish smoke dampers in the market with type approvals according to the new decree.

 LINO - a low-structure supply air diffuser with clean lines for all types of spaces. Sizes Ø100 and Ø 125.

TINO-P - a stylish, extremely low and modern-style supply air diffuser designed by a professional industrial design agency. Sizes Ø100 and Ø 125.

Climecon smoke dampers combine the best air and sound properties with a stylish design. Professionals will appreciate their simple, reliable installability and accurate adjustment.

Easy cleanability and keeping their settings throughout their lifetime make Climecon dampers easy in use. The products are available in MagiCAD and CADS design software.

These type approved products meet the requirements of the Finnish Building Code sections C1, D2, E1 and E7 regarding material, tightness, cleanliness, sound properties and fire resistance.

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Climecon 15.5.2011