Supply air diffuser LINO achieved excellent results in a Finnish test

Climecon's supply air diffuser LINO achieved excellent results in a residential buildings supply air diffuser test conducted by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland with impartial installation and adjustment staff.

According to the test results, LINO was among other things most successful in the following performance areas:

• LINO is the fastest to install and adjust

• LINO is quickly and accurately adjustable for the desired airflow

• LINO was the only one of the tested devices that met the Finnish type approval requirements for tightness

The test was performed by anonymously purchasing diffusers marketed as a high quality supply air diffusers for residential buildings direct from the distribution channel, which were then sent to VTT. The packages were opened at VTT by the installation staff. The test included 5 supply air diffusers from each manufacturer, and they were installed in the same duct. The properties and leakage airflows of the duct were already known to VTT.

What was especially significant in the test results was that Climecon's LINO was the only device that met the Finnish type approval tightness requirements of supply air diffuser for residential buildings. Uncompromised tightness provides several concrete benefits:

The sound values given by the manufacturer are real, and there is no possibility of "whistling"

• The k-factors given by the manufacturer are real, which improves adjustability

The most important benefit from tightness is the non-leakage of the supply air diffuser. When the device is leakage-free, the entire airflow is directed away from the device, thereby avoiding dirt streaks on wall surfaces.

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Climecon 5.4.2012