Climecon is sailing on the world seas

The desire to control air flows is also noticeable in Climecon's sponsorship choices.

Climecon is supporting 8mR-boat called Ilderim inThe 8 Metre World Championship that are held in Helsinki August 2013. 8mR boats are racing in international Eight Metre Class. 8mR boats are on average some 15 metres long and they weight 8-10 tons.

The 8 Metre World Championship 2013 is arranged in Helsinki and several tens of boats are going to participate from all over the world.

Climecons sponsorship boat Ilderim was built in 1936 by the banker and industrialist, Marcus Wallenberg, Jnr., as Sweden´s Olympic Games challenger.

Ilderim has travelled around British islands, Portugal, Ireland and Scotland first as "Christina" and later as "Christina of Cascais". In 1989 it was bought by Marc Busschots, who gave it back its original name and sailed it to Belgium.

We wish Ilderim a great success in The 8 Metre World Championship and also in the future races.

Climecon 27.3.2013