New brochure: REK, ROK, LEK and LOK

Climecon has released a new brochure for ceiling diffusers REK, ROK, LEK and LOK.

Stylish supply air diffusers REK, ROK, LEK and LOK are designed for suspended ceilings and form a horizontal throw pattern.

The serie includes perforated models REK and ROK, as well as the smooth-faced models LEK and LOK. Diffusers form a stylish package of T-profiles together with the ceiling of the cottage. The upper part of the diffuser remains at the same level with the surface of the roof and the bottom panel of the diffuser descends below the surface of the ceiling causing the Coanda effect, which enables widespread throw pattern and good mixing ratio.

Click the pictures to download the brochure and read more about the products:

Climecon 4.4.2013