Climecon - Clever solutions for indoor climate

Over the years, our solutions have ensured clean indoor air for millions of people to breathe at their homes as well as in schools and workplaces.

The Climecon story

Our story began back in 1984 when the grounds for the Climecon we are today were formed through mergers and acquisitions. It has not been an easy road but every downturn we have overcome with our rocking attitude.

The ability to reinvent our offering and continuous product development are what we keep on investing in. We want to offer the best air exchange solutions using the smartest and most modern technologies. We take pride in how our products are not only of high quality and energy-efficient but also stylish and easy to install.

The Climecon way

The spirit of Climecon is about ambition, rocking attitude and delivering excelling outcomes. We are proud of our way of working and our achievements. We never make compromises when it comes to quality and our solid expertise result in satisfied customers year after year. Trust is at the heart of our relations - we deliver what we promise.

Today Climecon is a growing agile company on the way of internationalizing. We constantly set our sights to the future. Digitalization is shaking up the world and urbanization constantly changes how people live. We want to be at the forefront of the ongoing change by continuing to develop smart solutions for fresh air and living.